Some Strategic Thinking

Know what an „asset free airline“ is? Call it UBER-Air and get a sense of what it can do to the airline industry. The current setup of how our industry designs and distributes products is lacking relevance – a door opener for eerie scenarios. Our Airline Retail Suite allows for a completely new perspective on how to interact with consumers in a multitude of channels and with a mass-customisation product design approach.

Innovation and agility: Learn from a bus company

A German bus company consolidates the market only 3 years after deregulation and entry into service. Its main assets are speed to market, agile software development and innovative, practicable solutions that meet consumer expectations. We at InteRES are 100% Design Thinking and our airline customers will benefit from this through easier to use applications that help them to simplify their offer management process.

Carts, Horses & NDC

InteRES is working on an Offer- & Order Management System that works on the basis of pure NDC AirShopping RQ/RS and we’d be keen to show you the enormous potentials our concepts around NDC and retailing will open up to your airline. So our horse comes with its own NDC cart, but the horse is still before the cart. Ever.