Unleash the Power of NDC Payment

The NDC schema of IATA has payment capabilities. This brings interesting opportunities for the whole value chain. Not only can the payment process be streamlined, it can also easily be made more secure and efficient. InteRES and Datatrans, a leading payment service provider based in Zurich, jointly developed a secure in-funnel payment solution for NDC messaging – with more features and solutions to follow soon.

InteRES first to be certified Level 3 for NDC 17.2

InteRES is the first IT provider to be certified NDC 17.2 Level 3. Our Retail Engine, which is native to NDC and ONE Order, has been fully upgraded to IATA’s newest schema release and we will continue to quickly embrace new versions of NDC as they are made available by IATA. With 17.2, a full pure NDC end-to-end process is now possible.

More on Retailing: Segmentation, relevance & data

In this article, I will try to deal with some ever-present buzzwords, like big data, personalisation and agile, while utilising results of two white papers, one of SAS in cooperation with Roland Berger, and the other one of NRF Think Tank, to elaborate a bit on what needs to be done. Again, retailing is the subject, as I believe that the specific thinking and capabilities of the retail industry are worth being looked at, as they’re still not sufficiently reflected in products and services for airlines. This is a somewhat longer read.

Why is this not Amazon? Retailing strategy needed.

Complexity should not be a roadblock towards more successful selling of goods and services. Low Cost Carriers have demonstrated that less complexity and a more flexible IT system environment can lead to lower unit costs, improved usability and enhanced selling. With this strategy, they have climbed from about 5% to almost 50% market share of intra-European flights in only 15 years. Now is the time for traditional carriers to catch up and develop their own retailing strategy, especially as the LCCs are currently moving to 2.0 retailing platforms.

On a personal note – 20 years InteRES. Trust. Focus. Passion.

Since 1997, the very early days of airline ticket sales via the internet, InteRES is not only a trusted partner for top-tier businesses like TUI, Thomas Cook, Sabre and Swiss. We are also a trusted employer for our passionate and highly qualified staff. With a strong focus on designing and delivering air content, we have proved being an innovative, reliable dedicated and supportive technology partner. Read more about who we are – and get curious how our software solutions can support your airline, tour operator or travel sales platfrom business.

Mobile third in a post-mobile world?

The upcoming transition of airlines towards a new way of engineering, distributing and selling products, and towards a new way of customer engagement and the introduction of brand new technology, all under the common term of Airline Retailing, opens up the unique opportunity to re-think and re-engineer things and catch up with the mobile world out there.


“Too many people are brought into the process, more levels of approval are created, more research is demanded and, as a result, it becomes more difficult for common sense to prevail.”, says Ken Segall, Steve Jobs‘ long-term creative advertisement director. But it should be the other way around, and Steve Jobs knew that: “Simplicity was the lens through which Steve Jobs observed everything. In the pursuit of simplicity, compromise was never tolerated.”

Some Strategic Thinking

Know what an „asset free airline“ is? Call it UBER-Air and get a sense of what it can do to the airline industry. The current setup of how our industry designs and distributes products is lacking relevance – a door opener for eerie scenarios. Our Airline Retail Suite allows for a completely new perspective on how to interact with consumers in a multitude of channels and with a mass-customisation product design approach.

Innovation and agility: Learn from a bus company

A German bus company consolidates the market only 3 years after deregulation and entry into service. Its main assets are speed to market, agile software development and innovative, practicable solutions that meet consumer expectations. We at InteRES are 100% Design Thinking and our airline customers will benefit from this through easier to use applications that help them to simplify their offer management process.