Hello world!

By Alexander v. Bernstorff

The famous „Hello world!“ of WordPress fits perfectly: We are InteRES, serving top-tier international clients in the travel inustry since 1996, including airlines. But the latter has never been promoted.
But now we do: Hello airline-world! Here we are.

We developed and have been operating the widely recognised and acclaimed booking and pricing engine for Swiss International Air Lines for over 15 years. We’ve got deep and broad experience in the functionality of different PSS, ancillary offers and accurate pricing and availability. And we now want to take this to the next exciting level.

Airlines are investing heavily to constantly improve the travel experience of their customers. Product differentiation at point-of-sale is key to leverage competitive advantage. However, shopping for air travel is predominantly based on pre-internet technology. This leads to commoditisation and not differentiation. Airlines are facing massive complications if they want to create a perfect fit of their technical infrastructure and their actual product offering. While the impact of digitalization on consumer behaviour is accelerating, it can hardly be applied to the airline industry’s current IT.

As of June 2016, InteRES is starting up a new line of business to provide software based solutions for airlines that want to enhance their distribution and retail capabilities. To make it work and enable airlines to make use of the full potential of our future products, we embed this into consulting services, offering our deep and wide know-how in software development, distribution and airline strategy.

Our initial goal is to design and develop an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art airline offer- and order management system that reflects current pricing and RM standards and procedures while fully leveraging NDC and allowing airlines to simplify their offer creation process radically in order to explore pure airline retailing.

We are curiously looking for airlines of all types and sizes that want to share their needs and ideas with us and benefit from early mover conditions.

You’ll be finding more information here very soon.

We look forward to building airline retailing together with you.